Major actor of Sport & Entertainment, Lagardère Unlimited deploys its international valuation around six complementaries departments :


  • Management of broadcasting right
  • Distribution of rights and marketing products
  • Organization and events operation
  • Representation of talents
  • Management consulting, stadiums operation and multifunctional halls
  • Management of sports academies



Lagardère Unlimited's policy of diversification both geographically and across the entire value chain, coupled with its recognised expertise in football, the world's most popular sport, gives it strong roots in an attractive market.

The strategic priority for 2012 is to focus on leveraging the synergies between geographies and businesses, strengthening its portfolio of rights and digital innovation, coupled with specific priorities for each area:



  • Europe and Africa: bolstering the portfolio of rights (especially media), broadening the marketing offers for sponsors, expanding the comprehensive marketing business in Europe, developing activities related to event management and venue consulting.
  • Asia-Pacific and Middle East : supporting growth in Asian football through competitions and leveraging other rights, developing new sources of growth in cricket and golf, and supplying sport and culture content to the Singapore Sports Hub.
  • United States and South America : broadening the talent representation roster, particularly in golf and baseball following the acquisition of Gaylord Sports Management in early 2012.